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Boston Gear is part of the larger organization Altra Industrial Motion. Altra is a holding company, owning some of the power transmission industries strongest brands. While Altra is a relatively young company, the brands have been in existence for many, many years. For example Boston gear was established in 1877.

With over 125 years of front line experience, more than 30,000 products, a divisional office in Quincy, Massachusetts, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Carolina, Boston Gear is one of industry’s premier resources for high-performance integrated motion control products and components.

Product lines include Boston Gear Reducer, Gear Drive, Enclosed Gear Drives, Open Gearing, Variable Speed Drives, Clutches, Bearings, Fluid Power and Shaft Accessories.

Sampling of Boston Gear Products available from H&H Exports:



Boston Gear’s comprehensive line of enclosed gear drives, including worm, in-line and parallel-shaft helical, miter, and bevel, provides you with the product variety you need to get the job done.Product Applications:

  • Conveyors
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Pumps
  • Specialty Machinery

Spur Gears & Rack; Helical Gears Miter & Bevel Gears;
Worms & Worm Gear Product Applications:


  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Conveyors
  • Indexing
  • Punch Presses
  • Mixers
  • Marine Steering
  • Blenders
  • Feeder Drives



AC & DC DrivesC-The ACE series of drives is ideal for conveyors, pumps, fans, food processing machinery, packaging machinery and more.-DC Drives Include DCX, Beta, VE and Ratiopax. Applications include: Shrink Wrap Machines, Wrap Machines, Packaging Machinery & Wire Drawing EquipMotors include: AC, TEFC, TENV, ODP & DC-Industrial applications are broad and varied.  Wide range of horse power, voltage & Mounting options
available to suit most any requirement.


  • Centric Mechanical Overload Clutches
  • Centric Overload Pneumatic Clutches
  • PDC Series Pneumatic Disconnect Clutch

Applications include: Paper converting machinery; Packaging Machinery; Food Processing Equipment; Printing presses; Material handling & Speciality machinery.


Plain Sleeve; Mounted; Molded Plastic; Ball, Thrust, Rod Ends & Sphericals; Washers


Pillow Blocks; Flanged-units;
Shaft Supports; Take-up Frames; Pillow Block Units Flanged-units



 Types: plain cylindrical, flanged, and roll-end bearings in four different materials: nylon, delrin, nylatron & teflon
Applications: conveyor rollers, Textile machinery, home appliances, Office equip, food processing. Full range of ball bearings including close tolerance precisions units & inexpensive steel assemblies of the semi-ground type.





Boston Gear’s line of thrust bearing are built with a quality and quantity of balls ideal for assuring high load-carrying capacities, and they come in your choice of hardened steel and stainless steel to suit virtually any environment. Applications: cranes & hoists, Indexing machines, rotating displays, & gear trains. Rod Ends available in both left and right hand – as well as male and female thread designs.An excellent selection of hardened & ground steel & stainless steel thrust Washers for use in low-speed applications that do not require use of Ball bearings.


Boston Gear offers four series of linear bearings: commercial, precision, open,And instrument. The precision and open series are available in either steel or stainless steel and with or without an integral seal for operation in contaminated environments. Linear bearings are designated for use with shafting – also available from Boston Gear – to provide smooth and guided linear travel,


Boston Gear’s line of plain sleeve bearings can be used on any application where the required load-carrying capacity falls within the capabilities of the material.

  • Bost-Bronz® bearings operate efficiently under heavy loads at low speeds because of their oil-impregnation.
  • Bear-N-Bronz® is a high-grade leaded-tin bronze that is hard, strong, and wear-resistant, with exceptional anti-friction qualities.
  • BOSTonE molded bearings offer good wear characteristics and corrosion resistance at a low cost.
  • And BOSTonE F-1 glass-filled Teflon® bearings offer outstanding wear and corrosion resistance and are completely self-lubricating.

Boston Gear manufactures all of above in a variety of forms, including plain cylindrical sleeve, flanged


Since many of today’s factories require a combination of mechanical power transmission and compressed air systems for their manufacturing processes, Boston Gear offers a wide range of pneumatic products. From the simple blow gun or recoiling hose used to remove metal chips from a machining operation to the more complex cylinders, control valves, and switches used to move product through the assembly process automatically, Boston Gear has what you need.


  • We offer a broad selection of pneumatic products, including;
  • Air-preparation components (FRLs)
  • Air-control valves
  • Disposable and NFPA cylinders
  • Air motors
  • Accessories
  • Flow-control valves
  • Mufflers and breather vents
  • Recoiling hose
  • Push-in fittings
  • Blow guns
  • Quick-disconnect fittings
  • We also offer an excellent line of hydraulic products, including:
  • NFPA cylinders
  • Accessories
  • Shut-off valves
  • Flow-control valves
  • All of our pneumatic products are designed for trouble-free performance no matter how demanding the application.

Applications include: -Everyday compressed air system; -clamping devices; sorting equipment; chip removal and parts cleaning; lifting mechanisms; food processing equipment; automotive equipment; material handling equipment; specialty machinery; machine tools; packaging equipment.


Boston Gear’s wide variety of shaft accessories offers a solution for virtually every need.

  • Couplings
  • Our line of couplings includes four products used to connect shafts with up to 3° of angular misalignment and up to 1/32″ of lateral misalignment. In addition, couplings facilitate the transmission of loads from light duty to heavy shock loading. We also stock two series of couplings that connect two shafts that are in alignment with each other.
  • Universal Joints
  • Boston Gear offers two series of universal joints that are able to transmit motion and power between two shafts that are up to 30° apart.
  • Shaft Collars
  • Our shaft collars can be used to hold any object in place on a shaft.
  • Timing Belts and Pulleys
  • Boston Gear’s timing belts and pulleys are used to transmit torque with no slippage.


For over 125 years, Boston Gear has continually been an innovator with new products and technologies. Today, Boston Gear continues that tradition with the latest in power transmission components and accessories.

Growth Product: Stainless steel right angle worm gearboxes and stainless steel motors, either pre-assembled or as separate items.

New Product: H2000 series helical bevel products can be provided as stand alone gearboxes or integral gear motor designs.

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