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From speed and positioning, to operating the world’s fastest machines, Baldor products are hard at work. They increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce cost. Baldor products are used in high performance industrial motion control applications such as X-Y tables, cut-to-length, machine tool robotics, routing, factory automation, moving webs, labeling equipment, pick and place, textile, converting equipment, software clutch, packaging, flying shear and many, many more demanding applications. Today, that same level of unparalleled quality you get one stop shopping, plus you get to choose from a wide selection of products. Choose products including motors, controls and positioning products. Get instant delivery from stock. Or have a custom product designed to your exact requirements.

Whether you choose a motor or complete motion control package, Baldor is there to support you.

Following are a sampling of Baldor products H&H Exports can offer which include Baldor Motors, Baldor Drives and Baldor Gears.
(All data and pictures obtained from Baldor website and catalogs)


  • Premium Efficient
  • Single Phase
  • General Purpose
  • Severe Duty
  • Washdown
  • Explosion Proof
  • Pump
  • Light Industrial/Commercial
  • HVAC
  • Farm Duty
  • Unit Handling
  • Brake
  • 200 & 575 Volt
  • IEC Frame
  • 50 Hertz
  • Inverter/Vector


Baldor Drives now offers a complete solution to your motor control needs. From basic analog soft starts to full fledged Vector technology, Baldor offers high performance products in an easy to use interface. Controls start at 1/100HP and continue up to 800HP. Custom controls can be built up to 1500HP. Each control is designed and manufactured to be the most reliable you can buy.

  • ACB330 Microdrive
  • ACB530 Inverter
  • VS1ST Microdrive
  • VS1STS 600V Microdrive
  • VS1MD Microdrive
  • VS1MX Microdrive
  • VS1MXS 600V Microdrive
  • VS1PF Pump and Fan Drive
  • VS1PF Bypass Pump and Fan Drive
  • VS1SD Servo Drive
  • VS1SD Washdown Servo Drive
  • VS1SP Inverter Drive
  • VS1SP Washdown Inverter Drive
  • VS1GV Vector Drive
  • VS1GV Washdown Vector Drive
  • VS1PM Permanent Magnet Drive
  • VS1SM Microdrive
  • Series 5 Micro Inverters


  • General Purpose
  • Washdown
  • Explosion Proof
  • Metric Frames
  • Power Motors
  • Integral Tachometer
  • Lifting Magnet Generators


  • One Way
  • Regenerative


  • AC Gearmotors
  • Servo Rated Gearheads
  • DC Gearmotors
  • Speed Reducers


Baldor provides a wide range of motion control solutions for the automation industry by offering a choice of easy to use programmable motion controllers (positioners) with multi-tasking capability and drives (amplifiers) to suit many applications – the NextMove family is available in PCI format or standalone; the FlexDrive family covers a wide power range; and Ethernet Powerlink (e100 series) provides designers with real-time solutions. Offering between 1 and 12 axes of control, Baldor motion controllers are available with digital and analog I/O for complete machine control. The CAN bus interface can be used to expand the I/O configuration.

Motion control systems can be up and running quickly thanks to Baldor’s Mint programming language. Mint is a versatile, yet easy to use, Basic like programming language. A wide range of programmable moves are supported including trapezoidal, S-ramp, linear and circular interpolation, helical interpolation, electronic CAM, gearbox and flying shear. User defined profiles can be added using the supplied embedded ‘C’ libraries. Mint also supports full control of the I/O and communications back to a host controller. Machine level networking and optional operator panel control can all be controlled under a single Mint application program.

Baldor’s latest generation NextMove controllers and intelligent drive, MintDrive, all support multi-tasking Mint, with the ability to write complex programs easily. The number of tasks is limited only by available memory.

A complete set of ActiveX components are supplied with the controllers, allow full motion and I/O sequencing to be performed on a host PC. Application programs can be written in popular programming languages such as Visual Basic™, Delphi and LabView.

The motion controllers are complemented by a complete range of servo drives.

Motion Controller Products

  • NextMove e100
  • NextMove ESB-2
  • NextMove PCI-2
  • NextMove ES


Baldor has a wide selection of high performance AC brushless servo motors, DC servo motors and stainless steel servo motors for the motion control industry.

  • BSM N-Series
  • BSM C-Series
  • Servo Rated Gearheads
  • Stainless Steel Brushless Servo Motors
  • DC Brushless Motors
  • DC Servo Motors
  • Stepper/Driver



  • MicroFlex e100
  • MicroFlex
  • Flex Drive II
  • Flex+ Drive II
  • EuroFlex
  • MotiFlex e100
  • DC Brushless Adjustable Speed
  • TSD Series
  • UM Series
  • LD Series

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