Give your international inquiries the expert attention they require.


Most small and medium sized manufacturers are focused on the vast domestic market and have yet to start selling into foreign markets. Other manufacturers are actively building international distribution networks.  Whichever best describes your company, you're likely getting requests for quotes from end-users located in countries where you've yet to set up a distributor.  H&H ensures that these opportunities are given the special attention they require without wasting a disproportionate amount of your sales department's time. Rely on H&H to respond with speed and competence.  

Until you have a distributor in country, consider letting H&H quote these unrepresented end-user inquiries.  Then, when end-users order, H&H purchases the goods from you in US dollars. H&H becomes the title holder of goods for export; virtually eliminating your export risks.  Finally, the end-customer benefits from H&H's International Friendly Terms of Service.

International Friendly Terms of Service 

  • Transactions often based in customer's currency 

  • Quotations available C.I.P. customer's airport 

  • Credit terms available to international customers 

  • Responsiveness exceeds industry standards  

  • Communications likely in customer's language

Outsource Exports to Mitigate Risk

  • Country risk

  • Credit risk

  • Exchange rate risk

  • Transport risk

  • Logistics risk


If exporting is an infrequent responsibility of your staff, mistakes will likely be made. You can eliminate potential mistakes by outsourcing your export process, thereby mitigating your exposure to export risk.  H&H Exports takes title of your goods for export paying you directly.  This arrangement virtually eliminates your exposure to export risks.  


To outsource exports, please call Erick at 218.626.2715. 


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